A privately held company, USAgain LLC brings for-profit principles and efficiency to collecting unwanted clothing and reselling it to thrift stores, wholesalers, and recyclers for multiple further uses. The business is located in West Chicago, Illinois, with satellite offices in 11 major metropolitan markets. USAgain operations cover 15 states, with a fleet of trucks servicing over 10,000 collection bins. Proud to contribute to local economies, USAgain serves as a sustainable business that employs 220 people. In addition, by supplying inventory to thrift stores, USAgain supports even more local jobs.

Also a significant exporter, USAgain, and the recycled clothing industry in general, contribute to the growth of national economy. USAgain enjoys excellent partnerships with many property management companies, big retailers, local businesses, churches, and schools, which host its collection bins. The sponsor incurs no charges and is not responsible for upkeep, since USAgain regularly services the bins through its extensive network of trucks and shares a portion of the proceeds from the collections with the host. As a free or revenue-earning service for its partners, USAgain is able to drive significant positive environmental benefit. USAgain bins make especially great fundraisers for churches or schools and provide additional revenue for property owners, many of which opt to donate the funds further to a noble cause of their choice.

Active in the for-profit recycling industry, USAgain maintains 10 state and industry affiliations. In addition, the company cultivates a strong presence in social media. The Chief Executive Officer, Mattias Wallander, frequently contributes to The Huffington Post, advocating for green business practices and the benefits of recycling used clothing. The company’s President, Janice Bostic, founded USAgain in 1999. Both Ms. Bostic and Mr. Wallander have prior experience in creating sustainable business practices around environmental stewardship. USAgain is the product of their commitment to people and planet, supported with sustainable profit. Under their guidance, USAgain serves as a profitable company, whose proud employees vigorously work to promote the mission of a positive social and environmental impact.